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burro di arachidi e farina di riso fatta in casa _ Homemade peanut butter and rice flour


A pair friend of mine have serious problems of food allergy so i have to set all my recipe for gluten and dairy free,in this period i have experimented a lot to find out  substitutes of all pourpose flour and milk, butter and cream.

One of the most popular substitute are, obviously … rice flour and peanut butter to avoid the chemicals in margarine; so i decided to make my own because i’m a DIY addicted person and i love my food 100% “homemade with love”

for peanut butter the procedure is the same as for almond butter, peal off about 250 gr of peanut and grind it with a mixer until a smooth and fluffy paste will come out . here we are your organic,100% natural and low cost peanut butter Image


for the rice flour :

2 cups of white or brown rice ( your choice)


soak rice in lukewarm water overnight,in the mornig let it dry on a towel for about 6-7 H, after that grind finely with a mixer , sift and grind again to obtain a smooth flour.


i hope that this two options can help you in the preparation of food for your friend with food allergies.

see you at the next post, i hope not so far.

Bye Ornella