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After a looong break … here i am! and a recipe


After a long break, as the title says, here i’m with new ideas in terms of recipes.

If you are wondering why i’ve been away for so much time, is because i was digging into my new lifestyle of sport addicted and nutrition fanatic, one thing for sure, here you can find some healthy recipes ideas.

One of my priority right now is to prepare an half ironman for septeber 2016, triathlon is a tough sport and it requires a lot of discipline to push yourself doing three sport back to back, with no rest and the sole purpose of depleting your glicogen storage, the bright side of this sport is that you can indulge more in some complex carb,” welcome back pasta!” and at the end of the day you have an overload of endorphine 🙂

For the other amateur athletes out there, you know is difficoult to put together some decent meals while you have to think of training too, so i plan a quik lunch and then i have a more elaborated dinner, because after 5 PM i ended all the training  in my schedule.

For dinner tonight i planned to prepare some fish i choosed a fresh trout filett and artichokes as side dish, is very simple and quik to prepare .

ingredients for 2

3 trout filett

2clove of garlic

2 TBS olive oil

fresh thyme and rosemary

300 gr of Artichoke heart ( the frozen one are perfect)

bread crumbs



In a skillet pour 1 tbs of olive oil  , smash two cloves of garlic with the skin and put in the heating oil , lay down the trout filet with the skin in contact with the heat and cook for 3-5 minutes, when the skin start to become crunchy , cover the trout with some needles of fresh rosemary and flip on the other side, cook for another two minute and set aside.

Prepare the artichokes:, in a pot bring to boil some water and cook the artichoke heart for 2 minute since the water start to boil ,drain the artichoke from the boiling water and pass them in the bread crubs seasoned with thyme salt and pepper,  lay down on wax paper.

After you have done all the artichoke hearts drizzle with some olive oil, put the baking tin in the pre heated oven  at 200 °C or 392°F until golden brown and now is time to eat the fruit of your hard work 🙂 i hope you enjoyed the recipe and let me now if you try it.

Side note: i know this photo is awful and it does not push you to run in the kitchen and try this recipe, but beyond my photographer skills ( that are absent ) the plate is good and it worth a try.