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Homemade Ritz


i’ve been a little bit absent in the last time, i have a lot of things to do, my to do list is in a constant  work in progress, adding new things every minutes.

 In any case, yesterday afternoon i was searching a recipe to do some crackers to crunch in front of our favourite Tv show and i’ve been thought at ritz crackes and their creamy and salty taste. i’m not very happy to buy this industrial crakers as all we know those things are full of fat and unhealthy ingredients.

Nowdays we can find a ” homemade version” for every single industrial products to cut off price, fat and calories; this is not a bad things right.
i have found this blog and visually it presents the best ritz crackers i have ever seen on the web.

So i will not annoying you with the recipe and i let you the direct link to the original blog, i’ve made the recipe as it is, they came out wonderfully.

give it a try if you want an  healthy crunchy crackers for your  evenings in front of the tv.

i have made this fast sour cream container with a type of paper that can come in contact with food, so they are more pratical to carry on the sofa 😉