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choco brioches



in this period i’m always craving of something chocolatey,especially in the afternoon after my daily workout, on thursday i prepared some chocolate brioches to satisfay my sweethooth.Image


300 gr all purpose flour
10 gr brewer yeast
135 ml lukewarm water
26 gr sweetner like stevia or agave nectar
80 gr goat cheese
50 gr margarine
1 tablespoon peanut oil

for the filling :
25 gr chopped dark chocolate


mix together the flour and 30 gr of goat cheese and make crumbles, add water and yeast combine very well and knead on a floured surface for 5 to 10 minutes ,set aside in the fridge for 25 minutes.
after this time flat the dough in a rectangle shape 1/2 cm thick and spred on a mix of margarine and goat cheese in the center of the dough fold the short side to the center and set aside for 25 minutes
at this point withdraw a piece of dough and flat very well with the rolling pin about 2 mm thick and cut some triangles, brushing each triangle with the oil overlap three of them put some chocolate in the center and roll from the large side of the triangle to the center to form the brioche. repeat until all the dough is finished.brush each brioches with a tablespoon of honey and let raise for 1 hour bake until golden brown at 180°C