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spinach&mozzarella risotto pies


On sunday evening I had planned to make mozzarella and spinach risotto, while I was preparing to implement the recipe came to me a light, I thought of the gracious silicone molds that I bought a few weeks ago so I did so …

100 grams of rice
3 ladles of broth
100 grams of boiled spinach
125 grams of mozzarella


in a pot boil the broth, when simmering add rice and cook, when the rice is ready and has remained a bit of liquid, it is said that the rice is “the wave” add 38 grams of parmesan , boiled spinach and stir.
oiling the molds of silicone and pass some bread crumbs along the walls, put a cube of mozzarella on the bottom of each mold and fill with rice.
bake in the oven for ten minutes unmold and serve.