Greek Yogurt sourdough sandwiches


THE STORY …( i feel like an old bard)

the last two week i was very busy because i had to learn to use sourdough to make bread and sandwiches. the first attempt was a disaster, the bread was sour and heavy because my sourdough was too young to start the process of bread-making.

But i never quit when i have a “mission”so i tried again and again refreshing my sourdough, i set on the net for hours to search the perfect recipe to use with my “potion”.

Yes it’s habit to give to your sourdough a nickname and since i’m a big fan of Harry Potter, and my sourdough and it’s birth look like a potion maker process i called him “potion” 🙂 by the way don’t let my chit chat distract from the point … the bread recipe.

i find this blog on the net, and found some good advice on the procedure that clarified to myself what i had to do.

this is the way i happened to work THE PROCEDURE:

i have my sourdough and after the last refresh it doubled in two hours, it was very active, so i mived together

150 gr sourdough

250 gr bread flour

100-120 gr water

kneaded very well for 10 minutes and put aside to raise for 3 hours.

after this time take about 100-150 gr of dough and put in a clean jar in your fridge, with the remained dough you have to make your bread, add 250gr of bread flour and 120 gr water, knead until well combined and let raise for 8 hours.

the next day you have to form your bread loaf as desidered and cook with a pot of water in the botton of the preheated oven:

10 minutes 250°C

35minutes at 180 °C

let cool inside the oven.

the result of the first attempt, as i have already said is infamous, my sourdough was born just twoo days before the firs bread making attempt.



the appearance was good but i could’t say the same for the taste, but i haven’t given up

At 20:30 PM  i refreshed my sourdough with the method proposed in the already linked blog, 200 gr sourdough,200 gr high protein content flour, 100 gr water.

chop sourdough in the lukewarm water and stir until well dissolved,should not be more lumps add flour and kenad .Now put the dough in a  clean bowlat room temperature, cover with a damp cloth and let rest overnight.

at 7:30 AM take 250 gr of sourdough and start the bread making procedure according to this recipe … finally


18-20 serving

250 gr active sourdough

520 gr bread flour

188 gr water

212 gr grek yogurt

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoonn oil

1. chop the sourdough in the lukewarm water and stirr until it melts completly, add honey and yogurt and stir, add flour , oil and salt mix with a fork until  all the liquid are absorbed by the flour, then pass the dough on a kneading surface and work very well for 10 minutes, put aside in a bowl and let raise for 3 hours.

2 deflate the dough and flat it with the hand in a rectangle shape, fold the short side to the center, rotate of 90° and repat let raise for 1 hour.

3.take again your dough, make some big or tiny balls according to your desire and line on a baking sheet, let raise for 4-5 hours.

preheat oven at 180°C and bake for 25 minutes

RESULT: this sandwiches have a flavor of milk and honey , they are fragrand and soft perfect with jam or fresh and aged cold cut.


Informazioni su ciotolefumanti

hi my name is Ornella and i live in milan with my husband Ivan and my cat Ulisse, i love cooking and share time with family and friends. i love all kind of creativity and dish from all side of the world, prepare a dish is for me , every time, a new world and experience of all the six senses, you know that sense ... that sense wich suggest you if a recipes will be a succes ;). i love all kind of music and gardening with the sun rays upon my head.

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