After a looong break … here i am! and a recipe


After a long break, as the title says, here i’m with new ideas in terms of recipes.

If you are wondering why i’ve been away for so much time, is because i was digging into my new lifestyle of sport addicted and nutrition fanatic, one thing for sure, here you can find some healthy recipes ideas.

One of my priority right now is to prepare an half ironman for septeber 2016, triathlon is a tough sport and it requires a lot of discipline to push yourself doing three sport back to back, with no rest and the sole purpose of depleting your glicogen storage, the bright side of this sport is that you can indulge more in some complex carb,” welcome back pasta!” and at the end of the day you have an overload of endorphine ūüôā

For the other amateur athletes out there, you know is difficoult to put together some decent meals while you have to think of training too, so i plan a quik lunch and then i have a more elaborated dinner, because after 5 PM i ended all the training  in my schedule.

For dinner tonight i planned to prepare some fish i choosed a fresh trout filett and artichokes as side dish, is very simple and quik to prepare .

ingredients for 2

3 trout filett

2clove of garlic

2 TBS olive oil

fresh thyme and rosemary

300 gr of Artichoke heart ( the frozen one are perfect)

bread crumbs



In a skillet pour 1 tbs of olive oil  , smash two cloves of garlic with the skin and put in the heating oil , lay down the trout filet with the skin in contact with the heat and cook for 3-5 minutes, when the skin start to become crunchy , cover the trout with some needles of fresh rosemary and flip on the other side, cook for another two minute and set aside.

Prepare the artichokes:, in a pot bring to boil some water and cook the artichoke heart for 2 minute since the water start to boil ,drain the artichoke from the boiling water and pass them in the bread crubs seasoned with thyme salt and pepper,  lay down on wax paper.

After you have done all the artichoke hearts drizzle with some olive oil, put the baking tin in the pre heated oven ¬†at 200 ¬įC or 392¬įF until golden brown and now is time to eat the fruit of your hard work ūüôā i hope you enjoyed the recipe and let me now if you try it.

Side note: i know this photo is awful and it does not push you to run in the kitchen and try this recipe, but beyond my photographer skills ( that are absent ) the plate is good and it worth a try.



burro di arachidi e farina di riso fatta in casa _ Homemade peanut butter and rice flour


A pair friend of mine have serious problems of food allergy so i have to set all my recipe for gluten and dairy free,in this period i have experimented a lot to find out  substitutes of all pourpose flour and milk, butter and cream.

One of the most popular substitute are, obviously … rice flour and peanut butter to avoid the chemicals in margarine; so i decided to make my own because i’m a DIY addicted person and i love my food 100% “homemade with love”

for peanut butter the procedure is the same as for almond butter, peal off about 250 gr of peanut and grind it with a mixer until a smooth and fluffy paste will come out . here we are your organic,100% natural and low cost peanut butter Image


for the rice flour :

2 cups of white or brown rice ( your choice)


soak rice in lukewarm water overnight,in the mornig let it dry on a towel for about 6-7 H, after that grind finely with a mixer , sift and grind again to obtain a smooth flour.


i hope that this two options can help you in the preparation of food for your friend with food allergies.

see you at the next post, i hope not so far.

Bye Ornella

Homemade Ritz


i’ve been a little bit absent in the last time, i have a lot of things to do, my to do list is in a constant¬† work in progress, adding new things every minutes.

¬†In any case, yesterday afternoon i was searching a recipe to do some crackers to crunch in front of our favourite Tv show and i’ve been thought at ritz crackes and their creamy and salty taste. i’m not very happy to buy this industrial crakers as all we know those things are full of fat and unhealthy ingredients.

Nowdays we can find a ” homemade version” for every single industrial products to cut off price, fat and calories; this is not a bad things right.
i have found this blog and visually it presents the best ritz crackers i have ever seen on the web.

So i will not annoying you with the recipe and i let you the direct link to the original blog, i’ve made the recipe as it is, they came out wonderfully.

give it a try if you want an  healthy crunchy crackers for your  evenings in front of the tv.

i have made this fast sour cream container with¬†a type of paper that can come¬†in contact with food, so they are more pratical to carry on the sofa ūüėČ ¬†


I¬†have tons and tons of recipes to post¬†here and no time to post them, i wish my day could last 48h instead of only 24h.So do not waste time and keep the point. Today i want to share some pasta recipe that i’ve tried and that are delicious.

On Easter i prepared some pasta dough , in these case whole wheat dough ‘cause i prefer so, but you can do whatever you like i however suggest to not use only white flour because the dough will be too sticky and hard to work.

basic dough for 4 people

200 gr whole wheat flour or durum wheat flour

100 gr white flour

100 gr water.

mix together the two type of flour and add water a little bit at a¬†time, every flour absorb different amount of water, when the dough come together ,it will be not stiky but soft and malleable continue knead¬†for a couple of minutes or three¬†and let rest for 30 minutes. at this point you could do tagliatelle,or tagliolini or whatever the fantasy suggets to¬†you, cavate¬† orecchiette etc… i have made tagliatelle and maccheroni and two different type of seasoning.





1¬į tagliatelle with glazed vegetables (for two)

1 teaspoon of cornstarch

2 cups chopped vegetables

1 cup vegetable broth

2 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


olive oil

parmesan cheese

bring to boil a pot with salted water and add a teaspoon of olive oil to avoid pasta sticking each others, in the meanwhile chop all the vegetables and mix cornstarch with a tablesppon of cold water stirring until dissolved and set aside.Add broth and vegetable to a large frying pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat add honey , apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

cook until vegetables are cooked  but still crisp, ad cornstarch mixture and stir to combine turn the heat to high and wait for the sauce to thicken, once the mixture is like a glaze turn off the heat.

toss the pasta in the low boiling water and wait until it cames up, collected with a fork and combine with glazed vegetables stir gently and serve with a dust of parmesan cheese.



2¬į maccheroni with roasted lemon prawns ( for two)

500 gr prawn

1 lemon

1 clove of garlic

1 ripe tomato

olive oil

salt & pepper

cook pasta as explained above for the previous recipe, prepare the prawns, if you are using frozen prawns boil it until cooked after draining clean-shelled. into a frying pan pour a tablespoon of olive oil and put insiede the cubed cut ripe tomato and cook for 3 minute add prawns cook for another 3 minute, at this point add 1 tablesppon of lemon juice and the zest and add some pasta water about 2 tablespoon, when pasta is al dente,pick maccheroni with a skimmer and mix with the prawn sauce and serve.



I hope you enjoyed these recipes and will try soon because I assure you that it’s worth it. bon appetite

some Pasta recipes

Greek Yogurt sourdough sandwiches


THE STORY …( i feel like an old bard)

the last two week i was very busy because i had to learn to use sourdough to make bread and sandwiches. the first attempt was a disaster, the bread was sour and heavy because my sourdough was too young to start the process of bread-making.

But i never quit when i have a “mission”so i tried again and again refreshing my sourdough, i set on the net for hours to search the perfect recipe to use with my “potion”.

Yes it’s habit to give to your sourdough a nickname and since i’m a big fan of Harry Potter, and my sourdough and it’s birth look like a potion maker process i called him “potion” ūüôā by the way don’t let my chit chat distract from the point … the bread recipe.

i find this blog on the net, and found some good advice on the procedure that clarified to myself what i had to do.

this is the way i happened to work THE PROCEDURE:

i have my sourdough and after the last refresh it doubled in two hours, it was very active, so i mived together

150 gr sourdough

250 gr bread flour

100-120 gr water

kneaded very well for 10 minutes and put aside to raise for 3 hours.

after this time take about 100-150 gr of dough and put in a clean jar in your fridge, with the remained dough you have to make your bread, add 250gr of bread flour and 120 gr water, knead until well combined and let raise for 8 hours.

the next day you have to form your bread loaf as desidered and cook with a pot of water in the botton of the preheated oven:

10 minutes 250¬įC

35minutes at 180 ¬įC

let cool inside the oven.

the result of the first attempt, as i have already said is infamous, my sourdough was born just twoo days before the firs bread making attempt.



the appearance was good but i could’t say the same for the taste, but i haven’t given up

At 20:30 PM  i refreshed my sourdough with the method proposed in the already linked blog, 200 gr sourdough,200 gr high protein content flour, 100 gr water.

chop sourdough in the lukewarm water and stir until well dissolved,should not be more lumps add flour and kenad .Now put the dough in a  clean bowlat room temperature, cover with a damp cloth and let rest overnight.

at 7:30 AM take 250 gr of sourdough and start the bread making procedure according to this recipe … finally


18-20 serving

250 gr active sourdough

520 gr bread flour

188 gr water

212 gr grek yogurt

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoonn oil

1. chop the sourdough in the lukewarm water and stirr until it melts completly, add honey and yogurt and stir, add flour , oil and salt mix with a fork until  all the liquid are absorbed by the flour, then pass the dough on a kneading surface and work very well for 10 minutes, put aside in a bowl and let raise for 3 hours.

2 deflate the dough and flat it with the hand in a rectangle shape, fold the short side to the center, rotate of 90¬į and repat let raise for 1 hour.

3.take again your dough, make some big or tiny balls according to your desire and line on a baking sheet, let raise for 4-5 hours.

preheat oven at 180¬įC and bake for 25 minutes

RESULT: this sandwiches have a flavor of milk and honey , they are fragrand and soft perfect with jam or fresh and aged cold cut.

spinach&mozzarella risotto pies


On sunday evening I had planned to make mozzarella and spinach risotto, while I was preparing to implement the recipe came to me a light, I thought of the gracious silicone molds that I bought a few weeks ago so I did so …

100 grams of rice
3 ladles of broth
100 grams of boiled spinach
125 grams of mozzarella


in a pot boil the broth, when simmering add rice and cook, when the rice is ready and has remained a bit of liquid, it is said that the rice is “the wave” add 38 grams of parmesan , boiled spinach and stir.
oiling the molds of silicone and pass some bread crumbs along the walls, put a cube of mozzarella on the bottom of each mold and fill with rice.
bake in the oven for ten minutes unmold and serve.

choco brioches



in this period i’m always craving of something chocolatey,especially in the afternoon after my daily workout, on thursday i prepared some chocolate brioches to satisfay my sweethooth.Image


300 gr all purpose flour
10 gr brewer yeast
135 ml lukewarm water
26 gr sweetner like stevia or agave nectar
80 gr goat cheese
50 gr margarine
1 tablespoon peanut oil

for the filling :
25 gr chopped dark chocolate


mix together the flour and 30 gr of goat cheese and make crumbles, add water and yeast combine very well and knead on a floured surface for 5 to 10 minutes ,set aside in the fridge for 25 minutes.
after this time flat the dough in a rectangle shape 1/2 cm thick and spred on a mix of margarine and goat cheese in the center of the dough fold the short side to the center and set aside for 25 minutes
at this point withdraw a piece of dough and flat very well with the rolling pin about 2 mm thick and cut some triangles, brushing each triangle with the oil overlap three of them put some chocolate in the center and roll from the large side of the triangle to the center to form the brioche. repeat until all the dough is finished.brush each brioches with a tablespoon of honey and let raise for 1 hour bake until golden brown at 180¬įC



Durum wheat sandwiches


I have always preferred the durum wheat instead of white flour, with durum wheat the bread came out more flavoured and … i don’t know but differet is sure.

 A gift bag that my mum  had sent me is finally arrived on friday and she sent me 5 kg of durum wheat just mill, so yesterday evening i prepared baked falafel,fresh homemade tzatziki and this sandwiches.

1¬į step prepare the dough: mix together 225 gr of lukewarm water,10 gr of brewer yeast and 1 teaspoon malt and set aside for 5 minute. in a medium bowl pour 300 gr of durum wheat flour and add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil stir very well. Now add the water and knead for 10 minute if you are lucky and you¬†have a mixer, and 20 minute by hand, manipulated the dough vigorously. set aside to raise for 3 hours.

2¬į step folding the dough : with the aim to incorporate more air in the dough you have to fold it , i prepared this picture below to expain better the procedure. when you have done with the fourth bending set again to raise with the bending side down for 2 hours.




3¬į step shape the sandwiches as desidered and let raise again for 1 hour, in the meantime preheat the oven at 180¬įC, bake until golden

NOTE:  the next time i think i will brush the surface wiht egg white and sesame for extra flavour


they came out with a crunchy crust and soft inside ;P and the baked falafel are delicious, i didnt write the recipe because is too simple. bon appetit











Last night I wandered through the net in search of a recipe foresee the use of pineapple … and that there wasn’t a cake.

I then found this recipe for fried rice in a pineapple shell of the original recipe is from here .
I modified by removing the carrots just something that I had not and add the peas and baked tofu.
I leave you the recipe ūüėČ

100 grams of rice
60 grams of peas
1 clove of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon tahini
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 packet of tofu about 125 gr
1 pineapple

Cut the pineapple in half lengthwise, cut from each half a bowl that will hold the rice and put the pulp aside.

in saucepans boiled for some minutes 60 grams of peas.

Put the rice to cook in a pot of salted water.

prepare tofu ;drained and squeezed and season it with a sauce of soy sauce, tahini and lemon juice, cook in oven at 180 ¬į C for 25 -30 minutes.

When rice is done drain it in a wok and put a tablespoon of olive oil and a clove of garlic, and sauté with rice, peas, pineapple and baked tofu for about three minutes.
turn off the heat and fill the shells with pineapple rice.
serve hot








fried rice in a pineapple shell

the haven have the smell of … just freshly baked bread


Today i opened my freezer drawer to find out that i’ve finished the stored bread! ūüė¶

I¬†took my recipe book¬†, an exercise ring binder with all my recipe new and never tested, and i flip through the pages to find out …an idea.

for tonight dinner i’ve planned grilled pork¬†loin chop and baked new potatoes, search, search serch tada! hamburger buns BUT, they need a revision in my own eat¬†style

the original recipe is from here¬†and i’ve changed something so i rewrinte my own procedure and ingredients.

in a bowl put a cup of water 25 gr of brewer yeast and 1 teaspoon of barely malt stir very well and set aside.

mix together whole wheat flour, 00 flour and salt and mix well, salt and¬†yeast must not¬†come into contact they hate each other ūüôā at this point add 150 ml of milk, 36 grams of margarine and water with the yeast.
mix well then begin to knead until the mixture is soft, elastic and slightly sticky.Put everything into a floured bowl and let rise for one hour.

After this time, roll out the dough with a rolling pin to about 5 cm thick, and create circles with the rim of a glass diameter you want, I have made from 40 grams to 60 for me and my husband.

Put the sandwiches on a baking tray to rise for 45 minutes, an hour.
brush with egg white and sesame or thaini bake at 180 ¬į C until they are golden brown.